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Beneficial equipiment for virtual classes.  

  • Foam Roller

    • Alternative​: Dependent on the exercise

  • Loop Resistance Bands

    • Alternative: Dependent on the exercise

  • Long Resistance Bands 

    • Dependent on the exercise

  • Swiss Ball

    •  Alternative: Office Chair​ with wheels

    • Alternative: Large Pillow

  • Yoga Blocks

    • Alternative: ​Novel/Chapter Book

  • Durable Exercise Mat

    • Alternative: ​Thick towel or Blanket

  • Kettle Bell

    • Alternative: ​Weighted backpack

  • Small Weights 

    • Alternative:  Soup/Vegetable Cans

  • Stretching Rope

    • Alternative: Belt, Rope, Long towel

  • Bolster

    • Alternative: Pillow , Foam Roller, Yoga Block​

  • Pilates Ball

    • Alternative: Dependent on the exercise

  • Theraband

    • Alternative​: Dependent on the exercise

Equipment used per class


(includes Yin Yoga, Rise, Power Yoga & Pilates)


Yoga Blocks

Bolster (Yin Yoga & Rise)

Stretching Rope


(includes Power Yoga & Pilates)


Yoga Blocks

Pilates Ball



Kettle Bell


Loop Resistance Bands

Long Resistance Bands


Ready to Run


Kettle Bell


Pilates Ball

Loop Resistance Bands

Running Down Stairs

Tips to get the most out of your fitness journey. 

Create A Plan!

Start by setting a goal for yourself , then  make an appointment for a Fitness & Nutrition Consultation!

Pick a specific time to work out!

Commit to a specific time each day to focus on your workout! Whether it's a 1-on-1 , Live virtual class, or pre-recorded class in the member's area , it'll get done and you can check it off your list. 

Have a recovery day!

Recovery gives you the ability to go hard during your workouts. Be good to your body by stretching and foam rolling. Checkout the class listings. 

Take a truthful look at your nutrition!

Don't hinder your success and hard work by eating foods that do not add to the success of your fitness journey. We can do it together at a Fitness & Nutrition Consultation.