2017 - 2018 Dance Season Is Here

2017-2018 Season is here

....whether you like it or not.

This is the time to create new goals and standards for your dance practice. Here are few of my tips for creating goals and making the most out of your classes. 

1. Identify  "weaknesses" of last season.

Ask yourself ,"What did I struggle with last season?" This answer is unique to each dancer. Some dancers struggle with  a specific class or steps in a class, while others may have struggled with confidence, choreography retention, or performance quality. Think about the corrections you received in class and how often you received them. 

If I was to answer this question in 2008, I would place 'penches/needles' in my list of weaknesses. My penches/needles were not terrible, but they could have been better. I had my right and left split, but I lacked the technique and strength to properly execute a penche/needle.

2. Create a S.M.A.R.T  goal for each "weakness".

3. Talk to your teacher(s).

Keep an open dialogue with your teachers about the goals you have for yourself, as well as goals they have for you. Your teachers might have some tips to help you. They are a great support system and (most) want you to succeed. 

4. Carve out time for personal exploration.

How much time you should carve out for your personal exploration is dependent on many factors, such as: your current level of training, how fast you would like to see results, how busy your schedule currently is, etc. Carve out enough time that you can get something done, but not so much time that you lose the ability to be productive. This time is used for what ever you need to hone in on your craft. I am a big believer in watching Youtube videos of professionals in the craft.

5. Private/Supplemental Lessons

One-on-one instruction is a nice supplement to your classes. I strive for excellence in all of the classes I teach, but even the most thoughtful and talented instructor can’t keep track of an entire class simultaneously. Sometimes students need personalized, one-on-one attention in order to continue growing as a dancer.