Do I have to pay for coaching session

Yes! The benefit of having a certified instructor is that they are able to modify movements and exercises to better suit your body and where you are in your fitness journey, but that is not possible if they cannot see you. Remember LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES are meant to mimic in person classes; thus, the instructor needs to be able to see you. 

Do you offer fitness & nutritional guidance for brides?

Do you only work with athletes?

No. My clientele is comprised of individuals of various backgrounds; such as (but not limited to) : seniors, professional football players, dancers, CEOs, NBA draft choices, and the general population. 

Yes! I offer personal training & fun challenges you can do with your bridal party to get you into the shape you desire for your bid day!


What equipment should i have at home

Yes! I offer virtual and in-person personal training. Due to covid, I am limiting the number of in-person personal training sessions I open per month. 

It's good rule of thumb to have a set of weights, resistance bands, a pilates ball, a set of yoga blocks and a foam roller. I will use the aforementioned props in various classes to allow each student to get the most out of each class. Check out my Tips & Advice for links and alternatives of the aforementioned equipment.  


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