Our Services

A few ways we can help you design and envision your ideal future. 

Health Coaching Session

Conducted by KaCee Dobbins, M.S.


Each health coaching session is unique to the client's needs and the coach's expertise. Expect every to session consist of a collaboration between the coach and client to create weekly goals, and a breakdown of steps towards the future the client envisions by utilizing the coach's expert knowledge and science-based resources and tools. 

You will often receive a follow-up e-mail with discussion clarifications and a variety of resources that will help you achieve your weekly goal(s). 

A non-exhaustive list of topics includes stress management, weight loss, pre-op weight loss, weight management, professional growth, financial stability, growth mindset, etc. 

In-Person Training

In-person training (weight training, flexibility & mobility, pilates, yoga, etc.), is through inquiry only. And is subject to KaCee's availability. 

Nutrition Sessions

Conducted by Stephanie Tacy, RDN, M.S.

4-week Programs

The 4-week programs are progressive custom exercise prescriptions created by KaCee Dobbins,M.S. Each prescription is created with the client's resources, time, physical ability, and goals in mind. 

There is an additional questionnaire that is sent to you after your purchase is processed that must be completed before your program can be created.